Thursday, December 15, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year Madilyn wanted to be a Butterfly Princess. She really wanted to be this because of the wings. Once we bought the wings Madilyn kept insisting that she needed to wear them. So I told her after her nap she could try them on. She woke up from her nap and came gliding down the stairs saying "Mama where's my wings?" I went to get them in the garage with my shadow right behind me. She put the wings on so fast and stood there for about a second and her face became so disappointed and sad. I said "what's wrong babe?" she said "I can't fly Mom" and threw her wings off. It was the saddest and sweetest thing. I explained however, that she could do a lot of great things like run and jump, but only birds can fly. She didn't feel much better and I started to worry that she wouldn't want to be a Princess Butterfly. I had no idea that she thought she could fly if she had wings. Thinking about it afterwards I remembered I told her about a month ago when she was trying to fly like Tinkerbell, that she couldn't because she didn't have wings. My talk with her must of made her feel better because when Halloween came she was so excited to put on her costume and makeup. She explained to her Dad that she couldn't fly only birds could. (LOL) So I guess she understood after all.

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

For Madilyn's 3rd birthday we started it off with a swim party. Madilyn had all her cousins from St. John's come down to enjoy an Ariel birthday party by the pool with some pizza. It was such a nice day with everyone by the pool. We listened to music and swam for hours. Later that night all the adults went to the movie and I stayed home with the kids to watch Madilyn's new movie Sleeping Beauty with some popcorn and leftover Orange Fanta. I think Brigham loved the soda the most. Every time we saw him throughout the day he had a soda in his hand (not always his own:)). After the movie we turned off all the light and played hide and go seek. It was so much fun. Nicholas ended up being the best hider, which he let everyone know at all times. Madilyn was not so good at the hiding. I would help hide Sarah and her and once someone enter the room they were in Madilyn would giggle and say here I am. (not the best hide and seek partner!) Below are some photos during the day.
Helping me make her cake!

Some swimming fun. :)

A girl can never be too young to wear heals at the pool.

I caught Madilyn with the Tangled book Grandma gave her. I had told her that I didn't want her to read it till we got home so it wouldn't get wet. So when I wasn't looking she grabbed her book and went to the other side of the pool to sit and read. It was so cute seeing her on the other side reading by herself while everyone else was swimming.


Part two of Madilyn's birthday was having a party in her preschool class. We ordered some Princess cupcakes to take in to share with her friends.
Madilyn with her favorite friend at school Xychel
Madilyn with her girlfriends!

Part 3
Yes, that's right we spent a whole week celebrating Madilyn's there really any other way! On Madilyn's actual birthday we spent the day together swimming and making cupcakes for her birthday party that night with her Dad.
Madilyn's Favorite movies: Little Mermaid, Tinkerbell, and Sleeping Beauty
Loves to wear: Princess dresses
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Popcorn, Blue Ice Cones (snow cones) and Soda
Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Dancing, Swimming, and Gymnastics
Favorite Activity at school: Art and Soccer
Favorite Songs: Moves like Jagger by Maroon Five and Low by Flo Rida (This was a surprise to me until our trip to Disneyland and her Aunt Jill kept playing the song and Madilyn would sing along...Apple Bottom Jeans Boots with the fur...
Must Haves: Lip gloss and Gum

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer Fun!

This summer has been really fun. With school being out I have had some down time to do fun things. Madilyn and I have spent a great deal of time at the city library. My favorite series that I have read is "Hunger Games". I even read a book series on zombies. Anyone that knows me knows this is not something I normally lean toward, but I actually enjoyed it. Madilyn and I also enjoyed spending time at the Phoenix Children's Museum and weekends at the pool.
Madilyn ready to find a good book to put in her library bag.
Madilyn really enjoyed the art room. It took her a while to get comfortable enough to paint the castle, but once she did she loved it.

Adam and Raelynn's Wedding

We spent the end of July celebrating Adam's wedding to Raelynn. They got married in the Thatcher Temple and had a lovely reception afterwards. The next evening we held an open house in my Mom's backyard. The whole thing was beautiful and a wonderful time spent with family. Below are some photos of the fun occasion.

4th of July

We headed up to St. Johns for cooler weather for the 4th. We spent most of the day at the City Park doing all the traditional festivities St. Johns offers. We did miss out on fireworks for the first year because of all the fires we had up north. I was really bummed because I love fireworks, but I understood the concerns of the community. Below are some photos of the day.
There's nothing better than snow cones on a hot summer day shared among friends!Eating some BBQ with Uncle Adam!

Getting lined up for the annual races. I practiced with all the kids over the weekend so we would be ready. On your mark....get set...GO!!

June 2011

This summer has been a lot of fun. Madilyn and I spent a great deal of it up in St. Johns hanging out with Grandma and cousins. The middle of June we spent a whole week at Grandma's playing in a whale pool I bought for Madilyn and her cousins to play in. The whale ended up being where we spent most of our late morning swimming and doing relay races in the sprinklers. It was such a nice time being able to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

Madilyn really enjoyed staying at Grandma's because every morning she would wake up around 6:30am to see if Grandma was awake working out in the yard. Most of the mornings Grandma was so Madilyn would run back into our room to get clothes on so she could help Grandma water the flowers. This made it nice for me because it gave me an extra hour to sleep in with complete silence. :)

Most of the hard yard work ended with a ice cream Popsicle with Grandma!

By the end of our stay we ended up across the street with the neighbor kids playing on their zip-line they had created. I thought Madilyn might be scared, but she ended up loving it and did it several times.