Thursday, December 15, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year Madilyn wanted to be a Butterfly Princess. She really wanted to be this because of the wings. Once we bought the wings Madilyn kept insisting that she needed to wear them. So I told her after her nap she could try them on. She woke up from her nap and came gliding down the stairs saying "Mama where's my wings?" I went to get them in the garage with my shadow right behind me. She put the wings on so fast and stood there for about a second and her face became so disappointed and sad. I said "what's wrong babe?" she said "I can't fly Mom" and threw her wings off. It was the saddest and sweetest thing. I explained however, that she could do a lot of great things like run and jump, but only birds can fly. She didn't feel much better and I started to worry that she wouldn't want to be a Princess Butterfly. I had no idea that she thought she could fly if she had wings. Thinking about it afterwards I remembered I told her about a month ago when she was trying to fly like Tinkerbell, that she couldn't because she didn't have wings. My talk with her must of made her feel better because when Halloween came she was so excited to put on her costume and makeup. She explained to her Dad that she couldn't fly only birds could. (LOL) So I guess she understood after all.

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